Self​-​Titled Debut

by Act Of Confusion

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    "Self-Titled Debut" is a concept album which might more appropriately be called "The Artist", but since that's not confusing enough, we split the song "The Artist" into pieces for its own pleasure and then put it back together on track 19. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. The point is, we have really clean hair. I think.. Anyway, enjoy!

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"The Artist realized that such a Great Work could not be enjoyed alone..."


released November 3, 2015

Act Of Confusion is:

C. Rommial Butler
Mike Dyer
Jon Hacker
Lisa Butler

Produced by Sara Hassing

Backup Vocals on "Resignation" by Crusti Twatwaffle, courtesy of the corner of 21st and Shadeland Avenue...



all rights reserved


Act Of Confusion Indianapolis, Indiana

Act Of Confusion is pretty sure that it is a band. It has four heads, eight arms, eleven legs and it makes noise that sounds like what humans call music. It may also be an incorporeal entity devouring and regurgitating endless time and space. Who knows? ... more

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Track Name: Bleed Out
My face, it melts away
With every word you say.
Fountain of youth's decay
Ripping my life away.


Despite my shell's decay
And sorrowful display,
Ecstasy rips away
Fountain of youth's decay.

Track Name: Dead Cat
I don't need you to tell me,
But I want you to show me

How you can stand to live this way.
Maybe I don't want to know, but I think it's too late.
My curiosity has gotten the best of me
So I stare into you dark soul to see what I can see.


I don't need you to tell me
But I want you to show me

How you can stand to live this way:
Wear the mask of vanity over your decay.
When will you realize the outcome's always the same
When you're wasting all our time with your senseless game?

Curiosity killed me.
Track Name: Resignation
I saw you crying but I could not care.
I had seen this too many times before.

If I was dying, would you even care,
Or would you play the victim as you shoved me out the door?

You wore me down,
Then you tore me down.
As you jerked me around
I gave up on you.

You were taught to hate by those who did not care
About anything but controlling you.

Would you reciprocate love, hope or care
From anyone who does not tell you what to do?
Track Name: Atom Smasher
Break it down gently.
Deteriorate my molecules.
Atom by Atom.
Shape it to your whim.

Up down, in front, middle left right. Militant march, all in a line.

Pull my heart out.
Put it in your purse.
Is this life a blessing,
Or cemetery curse?

Up, down, in front. Middle left right. Militant march, all in a line.

Make my monkey turn,
Organ grinder.
Gore, blood and veins,
We're all the same..

Up, down, in front. Middle left right. Militant march all in a line.
Track Name: A Letter To No One
Why do good men suffer and children die
While the wicked prosper and the greedy thrive?
All the evil and pain that I have seen
Makes it really fucking hard for me to believe... in you.

I can't help but think that it's a goddamned shame:
All the countless lives slaughtered in your name.
If I could ask you just one question:
Why do you let your priests do so much molesting?

If you do exist I don't think you are benevolent.
All the evidence points to something more malevolent.

If I could ask God just one question:
Why do you let your priests do so much molesting?
I think I know just what you might say...
The same thing you always do.
Track Name: Fishstyx
Looking straight at the Sun.
It can be so much fun,
Somewhere over the rainbow,
Dorothy found her gun...


Does anyone know the truth now
Or do we all just pretend
Reality is an illusion
Doomed to repeat again and again...


Every day the Sun will shine on you, and every night the moon will get you through...


One more time for the band now,
Plane crashed down up on that road.
Ghosts are scattered just like ashes,
Legends have been bought and sold..
Track Name: Safety In Numbers
There is safety in numbers
And people and things;
And in big wads of money
And great big platinum rings.

But no one will ever get near me again...

There is safety in numbers, my friend.

There are people who watch you
In your windows at night,
And who follow your movements
In the cold fluorescent light.

But no one will ever get near me again...

There is safety in numbers, my friend.

I was once like you before,
You want somebody to love.
Since that day I learned the score,
I know how to rise above.

There is shelter and power
In promises of pay,
And in lovers and lawyers
And dogs pulling at the chain.

But no one will ever get near me again...

There is safety in numbers, my friend.
Track Name: No Access
Voices are alone in my head.
Voices all want me dead,
But I pay no heed to their screams.
They have no access to my dreams.

Brutal Truth
Stupid Lie
To this world
We all die to renew life...

They have no access to my heart,
Of which this world is the smallest part.
These phantom voices in my mind
Can no grip on my spirit find.
Track Name: Illuminaughty
You think your tentacles of hate are unseen.
You think you keep your secrets well,
But your game is just the same as it has always been.
We only tolerate your hell, because
Your lies will not keep us down.
Your lies will not keep us,
You can't hold us,
You won't push us down.
Track Name: Shokra
In the twilight's last gleaming a voice did rise above the crowd, won't someone please come and free me, I'm your child don't let me drown...
...and time is hard to find for you to speak your mind, so sit back and unwind as we climb the rope of spine...

Little baby come to earth made out of the spaceways, stars for eyes a cosmic birth, the savior of B movies...

...and time is hard to find for you to speak your mind, so sit back and unwind as we climb the rope of spine...
Track Name: Mystery
Searching for a Heaven in the sky
But finding only hell within your mind.
Fearing the results of how you die
But you don't even know how to live your life.

Where is your life?

Defines your station.
Need to break this mold,
Centuries old.

Searching for the answer with your eye
But perception eludes your addled mind.
Analyzing the endless sky,
But division's arbitrarily assigned.

What will we find?

Defines your station,
But the truth must be told:
Too many lies are sold.

Embrace this mystery together.
Embrace this mystery, it's the only answer.
Track Name: Unveil The Goddess
Gazing at the moon above.
Was she once my long lost love?
Nothing hurts so much as this:
Being robbed of her cold, cold kiss.

Then there came the breaking day,
Sweeping all the pain away,
And giving me the clarity
To resurrect my destiny.

Eating forbidden fruit.
Burning up in the sun.
Discovering the truth:
Nothing was always one...

A fragmented soul
Grows weary of fighting.
Don't you know that we separate
To rejoice in uniting?

Unveil the goddess.
Track Name: The Artist
The Great Work was initiated as an act of love, solely for the pleasure of the Artist; but the Artist realized that the work could not be enjoyed alone. Being One, which is alone, he found himself in a dilemma.

“I will destroy myself, break me into pieces, and become us. I will suffer for my art.” And so, he created the schism.

His many factions will not let him blend now. They have condemned themselves to the pleasures of solitude. The very thing that the Artist had wished to escape.

The Great Work is now shit; a cold, useless cycle. Religion and society have taken it over. No longer—no longer is it an act of love.

Open up your pores,
Let the spirit flow.
There may not be a god,
But love you should know.

There is no reason for you to deny it,
You are lost inside this limbo of hell.

Feel the spirit grow
As you form the whole.
Evolving can mean pain
But trust in your soul.

There is no guilt for the lust of the animal.
There is no shame for this being is you.

You insist on being sane.
I hope you feel the pain.
You brought this vision of order.
For this your dues you'll pay.

There is no reason for you to deny it,
You have created this limbo of hell.

You have broken the circle, the spiritual pool.
I'm not trying to blame you for being the fool.
I know that you meant well—you misused the tool.
Won't you admit it now? You fucked up the world.

You must die cuz you were never really alive.